Optimizing Quality Settings in Ytmp3

For people who want to enjoy listening to music without ads on YouTube, they need to become premium members. However, for people who are saving money, becoming a premium member just for the sake of it will certainly make them think twice about whether they need to become a premium member or save money.

One thing you can do to prevent advertisements from appearing when listening to music on YouTube is to use AdBlock. However, currently, YouTube has regulated that AdBlock can no longer function. That is the reason why downloading songs from YouTube to mp3 converter is useful.

One website that can help make music videos on YouTube into MP3 is Ytmp3. This website can make all links originating from YouTube into mp3s.

About Ytmp3

Ytmp3 is a website that provides people with an easy way to download videos from YouTube, namely by pasting the YouTube video link to the website available on Ytmp3.

Even though this website is useful, you have to remember not to use the mp3 files for work purposes such as creating content from the mp3s, because there will be no copyright. Therefore, Ytmp3 recommends that people who want to download videos from YouTube are for personal use only and not to sell them.

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Before discussing about optimizing quality settings in Ytmp3, here we will provide you first the steps on how to download or convert the video from YouTube to Mp3 format using Ytmp3.

How to Download

The following is the method used to download videos from YouTube via Ytmp3:

  • Open the YouTube video you want to download.
  • Select the share button, then copy the link.
  • After copying the link, open the Ytmp3 website.
  • Paste the copied link into the space provided, displayed as Enter Keywords or YouTube URL here…
  • Then select the video or audio quality you want to download.
  • Wait a moment until the download message is available.
  • Once the download text is available, just click on the text.

File Type

There are two types of files that can be downloaded from Ytmp3, namely Mp3 and Mp4. Mp3 for audio quality, Mp4 for video.

Available Quality

For files in Mp3 format, there are 5 options, namely 64kbps, 128kbs, 192 kbps, 256 kbps, and 420 kbps. As for files in Mp4 format, there are 6 options, namely 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p60, and 1080p60.

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Effect of Quality on Files

For those who want to listen to files in Mp3 format, the quality of the previous 5 choices is very influential. This influence can interfere with someone enjoying the audio they want to hear.

To find out more clearly, what you can do is download the same audio but with a different quality. After downloading the two audios, compare the sound, normally higher quality such as 420kbps has clear sound compared to lower quality.

Therefore, you need to choose the best quality to ensure the downloaded file is optimal. Low-quality files usually require setting the volume on the speaker to maximum but still don’t sound well, which is inversely proportional to 420kbps quality. With 420kbps quality, you don’t need to adjust the volume on the speakers to the maximum limit.

The quality of the Mp4 format affects the resolution or clarity of the video. Video formats with 1080p60 quality look clearer compared to those below such as 480p.

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Video quality such as 480p and below is currently not suitable because the video quality will feel cracked which will interfere with enjoying the video.

However, for those who want to save memory and internet data, the best way is to choose a video format with 720p quality. The reason this is done is because the quality is not too different, but the file size is quite different.

Various Downloadable Contents According to File Type

For files in Mp3 format which are only audio without using video, the things that can be downloaded are songs, podcasts, learning that focuses on listening, and so on.

As for files in Mp4 format, they can cover everything, because there is video in the audio. For people who want to see the video clip of the song, they can download it in this format. Likewise, podcasts or lessons that teach you with visuals that are easier to understand.

Reasons to Use This Website

Ytmp3 is very easy to use because all of you as users who are familiar with YouTube can choose the download type according to what you need. Ytmp3 gives its users the freedom to download according to their own preferences, whether they want to download in what format and quality.