Downloading with Ytmp3 on Mobile Devices

YouTube is one of the largest streaming video platform in the world, making it easy for millions of people to watch various kinds of videos very easily. However, the problem is that YouTube does not provide download services for either music or videos.

That’s why in the end, a site for converting video files to mp3 has become something that is really needed nowadays. One of the best sites to make it easier for you to convert Mp4 files to Mp3 from YouTube is Ytmp3.

This site is a place where you can download and convert files from YouTube easily and online. But, of course, many people still don’t know how to use this site to download songs.

How to Download Using Ytmp3

That’s why we will tell you in easy steps how you can get files from YouTube very easily. These are some tips that you should know to be able to download and change the file extension from Mp4 to Mp3 directly using the smartphone you own.

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1. Visit YouTube

The first step is to enter the YouTube site first. This is done because YouTube will be the main source of the downloads you will make.

2. Search for the video you want to download

Then what you have to do after entering the YouTube site is, look for the video you want. You can choose music videos or podcast videos and so on.

3. Copy the video link you want to download

After you find a video that you think is good and you want to download, the next step is to copy the link to the video. To copy a link, simply select the share icon, then select copy link.

4. Visit Ytmp3

After you have done all the steps above, the next step is to go to the site used to download or convert the YouTube video you have chosen. So, make sure that all the necessary steps have been carried out.

5. Paste Link

So, the final step is to paste the link that you copied previously, to start the download. In this section, you can choose a menu according to what you need. You can choose the file type you want and then you can choose the resolution you want too (if you want to download the video). After that wait a few moments and your download will start.

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These are some steps to download or convert video files from YouTube online. It’s very easy and won’t take long to do.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Online Converter

Now everything has been made easier and gives us various options that we can adapt to our needs. Likewise the existence of this online converter. We now have the ability to compress video files into mp3 very easily, without having to download the converter first.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using an online converter like this that perhaps many of us still don’t know about. The following are some pros and cons that you should know, before using this YouTube to mp3 converter.

Pros Cons
It’s easier to compress files, because it’s done online. This cannot be done if you are not covered by the internet or are offline.
The process is fast and doesn’t take long. It really depends on your internet speed, so if your internet is slow, the conversion process will also be hampered.
Can be done on the go, because you can carry out all conversion activities directly from the mobile device you are using.  
All compressed results will have good audio quality and are worth listening to, but it depends on the main source of the download.  
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These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an online converter like this. Of course, for those of you who are mobile, this is something good because it makes it easy for you to convert files from mp4 to mp3 very easily.

Main Reasons to Use Online Converter Sites

There are various reasons why people use this kind of online converter and below are some of the main reasons why people prefer to use websites to convert files from mp4 to mp3.

1. Free to use

Using the website to carry out this conversion, you will not be charged a fee, i.e. everything you download via the website is free. That’s why many people choose to just use the website.

2. Easy and Fast Process

The next reason is because the process is fast and very easy to do. You just need to do a few simple steps to get the files you want. Of course, the download process can also be done very quickly, based on your internet connection speed.

These are some things you should know about how to easily download mp4 files to mp3. Of course you can do it quickly and at no cost at all.